How To Treat a Contusion with Proven Natural Herbal Remedies

When blood vessels are damaged or broken after a hard hit or bump to the skin, this results in what is known as a contusion. Blood from damaged blood cells deep beneath the skin accumulates near the skin surface, leading to a black and blue mark. A contusion can be painful when touched; this is because the blood stored beneath the skin is putting pressure on the surrounding nerve endings.

Get fast pain relief and healing with proven herbal remedies by following our treatment guide.


The inflammatory stage starts the moment an injury occurs and lasts until the swelling and inflammation are gone. The swelling is the result of the blockage of blood, tissue fluids and circulation in the injured area because their normal movement has been disrupted by the force of the injury.

Just like cars back up behind a traffic jam, causing congestion, exhaust and overheating; blood and fluids back up behind the injured area, causing pain, inflammation, lumps and swelling. The sensation of heat is due to the warming action of the blood and fluids overheating in the injured area as they back up and accumulate.

1. Apply the Ice Substitute Poultice on your ankle to reduce bruising, redness, swelling, and inflammation while dispersing accumulated blood and fluids to help restore normal circulation. This first-aid treatment is used in place of ice to significantly speed up the healing process. It reduces the swelling and inflammation more effectively than ice, allowing you to more quickly regain range of motion. Bruise Relief Liniment can be used in-between applications.

Ice is not recommended because it does not help repair damaged tissues and keeps everything in the injured area frozen, causing the stagnation of blood and fluids and the contraction of muscles, tendons and ligaments. In Chinese sports medicine ice is not used and is considered a culprit in injuries that don’t heal well.

2. Massage your ankle with Bruise Relief Liniment to relieve pain and bruising, reduce swelling and inflammation, break up clotted blood and stagnant fluids, and stimulate circulation of blood and fluids to help cells quickly repair damaged tissues. Ice Substitute Poultice can be used in-between applications.

3. The Muscle Therapy Massage Oil is recommended for use before and after exercise, sports and strenuous activity. It penetrates the muscle layers to bring heat deep into muscle tissues, relieve soreness, increase circulation, and improve flexibility in muscles and joints.

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