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I practice martial arts and consistently get bruises. Using the Bruise Relief Liniment works very quickly and effectively. Ralph N., Utah

I got all the items I ordered and started using them right away. I've tried other pain relief products but yours started to help heal my rotator cuff injury after four days, using approximately 3 times a day as you recommend. I have only had to reduce my workouts by about 20% so I don't overdue it while my shoulder is healing. Great products that exceeded my expectations. Will reorder as needed. Mark T., MA

I’m a marathon runner and these products have helped me through my training. Thank you. Margorie R., WA

I was suffering with foot bursitis for well over a month when I found your website. I believe in the usage of herbs and decided to purchase your liniment. Within the first few days I noticed a difference as my pain was subsiding. At the end of the week I was virtually pain free. Thank you for products that work. Virginia L., CA

I'm really happy that the pain relief liniment has brought relief to my low back pain that I’ve been suffering with for several years. My pain and stiffness was significantly reduced and within 24 hours of my first application. Andy G., Iowa

My second bottle of Pain Relief Liniment has arrived and I must say that it's keeping me in the game. Golf is no longer a painful experience. My wrist with interrupted ligaments is more than bearable - no where near the painfully stiff condition prior to my finding BATTLEFIELD Liniment. Many thanks for your great product. George M., AZ

The bruise liniment got rid of the swelling in my ankle from a sprain I got while playing tennis. And the pain also was relieved quickly. The liniment helped my sprain heal really fast, so thank you. I was really happy to be able to get back to playing tennis much sooner than I expected. Kathy P., MI

Words cannot ever describe how grateful I am for finding Battlefield Pain Relief! I’m not going to go into detail as to my ailment other than to say it was PAINFUL...my advice is get these products!!!! They are truly miracles! Donette J., NH

I have chronic tennis elbow and I had tried ice, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatories, to no avail. I used the Pain Relief Liniment, massaging it into my elbow and have since been pain free. Robert T, FL

I had carpal tunnel which was extremely painful. After consistent application of the pain relief liniment for a few months, the pain resolved. This is an effective product and I highly recommend it. Michelle C., New York

I am so happy to have come across your products. That is how I learned how to treat my knee pain. Your customer service is very courteous and knowledgeable which makes it a pleasure to do business with your company. Rochelle Z., WI

My upper back has been sore for several months due to an injury. The Pain Relief Liniment and Muscle Therapy Massage Oil has really helped my pain and my muscles feel much stronger now. Very pleased with the results. Laurie M., NY

I'm very pleased to report that the Pain Relief Liniment has brought relief and an increase in the function of my ligament damaged wrist. Great product and I will be a repeat customer! Jack F., TX

Walking or running had been difficult due to the discomfort from my heel spur. I love running and the heel spur has made it very hard for me. I used the Bruise Relief Liniment and Ice Substitute Poultice as you recommended and that took away the redness and pain. I experienced good results with your products, and can now run again and start my marathon training. Pattie S., PA

I have been using your products for a shoulder injury that I got when weight training and they are amazing. The pain relief and healing I've experienced with using your products has been much faster than with other products I used for injuries I've had in the past. Thank you. Danny R., CA

Thank you for the great products. LOVE the massage oil. Brittany L., NV

I'm an avid runner and unfortunately developed Achilles tendonitis. I’ve tried so many things to heal it with mostly disappointment. My friend told me about your products and because of her success using them, I decided to give them a try. I'm very glad I did. Incredible results finally! Using your liniment has allowed me to continue running and enjoying the sport I love most. Miranda H., MA

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